We’re urban cyclists and embrace new ideas within urban and mobility planning

Urban Creators is a consultancy working with mobility planning, master plans in urban development, parking strategies, process management and communication for and in collaboration with public and private organizations, foundations, citizens and others.

We use design thinking in creative idea development and work with trends and scenarios to make resilient plans. We do not hold back from lifting innovation to new heights on our projects.

When we embark on a new project, we include the entire local area across all physical layers. A bus stop can become part of an exciting urban space or a green lung that adds value to the area. We think of paths as a catalyst for vibrant city life, cleaner air and healthier lifestyles.

We make sure all relevant parties are not only consulted, but involved as co-creators of plans and solutions alongside public authorities. We draw on a large network of professional experts such as architects, sociologists, designers, communication professionals, etc. — and we always handpick project teams with the strongest and most suitable skills to solve the task at hand.